Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coffee Sacks for the Home

Burlap Buckets
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Well, I'm not really suggesting that you run right out to find some coffee sacks. This fabric gives you splinters, emits noxious fumes and makes a terrible mess of your sewing room.

But it does look so cool when it's all sewn up into, in this case, a kindling basket and a large shopping tote.

Marimekko Wall Hanging

My husband and I treated ourselves to this wonderful piece of Marimekko fabric for Christmas in, oh, 2007 or 2008. It took us a couple of years to get it on the wall after that!

First Eric built a frame from 1" x 2" lumber. Then we covered the frame with drapery interlining (think thick, napped and natural in color). Without padding the frame, we could see it through the face fabric. Then we carefully stretched and stapled the piece. Definitely a two-person operation.

I have loved living with this bold graphic, and I'm eager to make more fabric art.

Ikea's Fabric, Let's Face It, Rocks

And it doesn't need much more than some swirly free-motion quilting to make it into a fine pillow.

Can't Get Enough Ball Fringe, Ever

Loving pink and mustard together these days.

A Bevy of Patchwork Pillows

It's so much fun to make a series of subtly different patchwork pillows. Backed and corded in natural linen, these pillows are two of eight I made from a handful of Amy Butler fat-quarters from her Love collection. Oh, yes, there are a few tidbits from my stash thrown in as well. Silk Matka, fine cotton voiles. These have been on display (and for sale!) in downtown Asheville's Atelier 24 Lexington.

New Look 6861

New Look 6861
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In Erin McMorris's Irving Street flannel, simple and cute flannel pajamas in girl's size six. This is a versatile pattern from New Look. If you go for the gathered sleeves with the band, realize from the outset that sewing the gathering onto that tiny little band is fiddly! The band is much too small for even a narrow free arm. Serging the sewn seam is even more of a trick.

Wish I could wear these myself!

A Very Popular Apron

Butterick 4945
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This sample has sold at least twenty copies of Butterick's cute pattern. I recommend cutting the lower ruffle from a contrast fabric. Although Butterick's version is also sweet, showing off that lovely bias ruffle with a coordinating print highlights the best part of the design.

The gathered patch pocket is not included in this pattern. I believe I lifted it from Colette Pattern's Ceylon dress. Any patch pocket you fancy will work!

Sewing notes: to hem the circular ruffle, I serged 1/4" Stitchwitchery to the edge, turned and pressed, and then stitched the hem in place. Much better than struggling with any other variety of narrow hem.

Be sure to mark all the construction dots. I didn't, and that made attaching the neck and waist ties harder than it needed to be. Or, follow Linda Boyd's great advice and make the curved side sections as a casing. Then thread a long self-fabric tie from the waist at one side, around the neck, down through the casing on the other side. Then you won't have that silly bow at the neck and the apron will be much more comfortable to wear (not to mention easier to adjust).

Vogue 8672

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Made as a sample for the House of Fabrics in Asheville, NC, this darling skirt is made from Nicole Miller stretch animal print fabric with black satin piping at the seams.

I added boning to the waist, but perhaps needn't have bothered, since the skirt turned out too big to fit me. Taking apart the waistband with all that piping: not so eager.

Looks good on the wall, though!

Catching Up

Hello blog! It's been a busy sewing and scheming, though not blogging, life these past few months. The short version: my husband and I have decided to launch a soft home furnishings workroom. Activity has abounded. From the extremely exciting (new industrial sewing machines! a 12-foot-long work table!) to the rather mundane (accounting software, rewiring electrical outlets), we've been working away.

I've been scratching around the new phone and Flickr to find some material longing to be seen. It's coming.