Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ta Da--A Treadle

Thanks to the Craigslist generosity of David, of North Street, Asheville, and the carpentry skills of my husband, Eric, I can treadle!

But, um, I need a lot more practice to get good at it.

This, as much as anything, I love about the project: it was free save for the three cans of spray paint required to coat the rusty base. We were able to repurpose the center section of a now-unused drop leaf kitchen table for the top. All tools were on hand, even the fancy-schmancy Forstner bits necessary to cut the round holes for the hinges. By the way, Necchi-lovers, the White hinges matching the treadle base fit perfectly into my BU, with no alteration (such as is needed with Singer hinges).

Thank you, Eric and David.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Variations on a Theme

Simplicity 2614 again. Now that I've tried out a new sleeve, a new sleeve cuff (both lifted from the Everywoman's Favorite Cardigan from the 2/2009 edition of Ottobre Woman magazine), a center back seam and covered buttons, maybe I'll be able to try out a new dress pattern. Goodness knows plenty of them are calling from my pattern stash!

This version is Sophia knit (polyester, rayon and spandex) in teal. Currently available, along with any number of other items that just keep arriving on my doorstep, from

Friday, October 2, 2009

It Has Happened to Me

A free haul of vintage sewing treasures...or trash. Hard to say which! The listing for two free machines and a treadle base showed up this morning on our local Craigslist. I called the moment I saw the ad, only to find that I was fifth down the list, and that someone else was on the way to pick up the machines.

I expressed my appreciation for the owner's generosity in offering the machines and went on with my day. Thirty minutes later he called back and said the first person had taken a look and passed on the machines. He happened to have my number handiest in his cellphone and called me back first! I threw on my clothes and hustled Finn into the car.

I can't lie: the machines as found in the basement were in daunting condition and covered with rust and cobwebs. I don't know how functional the machines will be or whether I will want to restore them. But they are so beautiful! I can't wait to clean up the painted surfaces to see those gorgeous designs.

Even better, the treadle turns like a dream, despite her rust and grime. I think she's lovely, and I know she will clean up and function well.