Friday, August 15, 2014

Lacy Butterick 5925 Tunic

From the black hole which has been my summer emerges a lacy white tunic top! As bloggers say, I've been sewing but not photographing and consequently not blogging. I plan to wear this top to my stepfather's 75th birthday celebration on Sunday, and I hope to have some photos of the top on me from that day. But I decided to strike while the iron was hot and go ahead and show this top now, modeled photos be damned!

I have made this Butterick 5925 Katherine Tilton top once before, that time in a limp black rayon jersey which didn't survive long. The top was very comfortable and served its purpose as a muslin and short-lived pullover. 

This one is a combination of views A and C: the back and sides from view A, minus pockets, with the front of view C, but cut on the fold rather than with a center front seam. 

Side view, showing curved points and raised front hem
The pointy lower edges were rounded off after the top was assembled, allowing me to attach a ruffled strip continuously around the lower edge. I cut this strip on the lengthwise grain (it had a better edge for rolled hemming on the lengthwise rather than the crosswise grain, and both were quite stretchy), finished the edge with a serger rolled hem, gathered it slightly and attached it to the bottom of the top.

Back view, showing curved pieced back panels
I reduced the length of the sleeves by six inches and finished them with the same ruffled strip as the bottom.

The neck edge is finished with a strip of the fabric selvedge, which offered a convenient fold line. It was attached to the right side of the stabilized (stay-stitched) neck edge, then folded to the wrong side of the neckline and stitched into place in the ditch.

Other than the modifications described above, this was made as size XS with no alterations for fit. It's still very roomy. To my mind, the design needs either a fluid fabric or, as in this case, a sheer one. Otherwise it risks drowning a short figure. The way the side back panels curve around to the lower front is very cool, but it does cause the top to stick out in front, which could easily be frumpy in a more substantial fabric.

Speaking of fabric, this came from the yard sale of a very cool friend, a wandering musician and belly dancer. It is either nylon or polyester and it soaked in OxyClean a very long time before giving up its mustiness and stains. But I do think it is so pretty, and it cost all of one dollar.

Can't wait to wear this frothy new top. I'm very much in love with ruffles right now.


  1. I am in love with this wonderful top and am so grateful that you described the changes you made to that pattern. I have been wanting a lace tunic thus summer and you are my latest inspiration. Have fun at the party.

  2. Such a pretty, delicate top, it's lovely. I am looking forward to seeing you wearing it - please take a photo or two at the party! xxx

  3. What a fabric find! You transformed it to something so pretty.