Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mod Top and Skirt in Cotton Interlock

Finally an opportunity to wear this little set, which has been complete for a few weeks now. Unprecedented: sewing in advance of the upcoming season!

Although I think it feels heavenly to wear, I've tended to avoid cotton interlock for clothing because it has essentially no recovery. Close-fitting garments made of all-cotton knits in general seem to get stretched out in a matter of minutes when they are worn (very high quality cotton knit is a different matter, but it is so difficult to find, especially in grown-up colors).

This length of teal interlock cost $2 at a yard sale, so I figured I had little to lose except my time. To minimize the sagging problem, I looked for looser fitting pieces that could benefit from a fabric with some heft. The initial idea was to make a top. Once the top was all done, quite a bit of fabric remained, so the skirt emerged from the leftovers.

Vogue 8699 is a firm favorite knit tunic of mine. This time I added two hip-level pockets, which worked out well, and I tried to add a sixties-style standup collar (like the collared version of the Tilly Coco top), which didn't.

Coco Top from Tilly and the Buttons

Maybe if I'd actually looked at the picture of the Coco top before cutting and applying the collar, I would have had a clearer notion of how to do it...

Anyway, my collar didn't stand up well, so I turned it to the inside and stitched it down. It looks kind of like a lumpy binding. Oh well. I'm fine with it. Next time I'll be a little more deliberate in my drafting.

The skirt is New Look 6856, an out of print pattern that I've had hanging around for a few years. Of course it's as simple as can be, but I do like the little skirt and I can see this being a useful shape for future makes.

I hardly need to say that this outfit is as comfortable as they come. I'm off to substitute at a neighborhood elementary school, and I am happy to be wearing my new teacher outfit, which I think might get a lot of use this fall as both separates and together.

Have you made garments--successful or unsuccessful--from cotton interlock? How did they wear over time? I would love to know.


  1. I made a top last year from cotton interlock, also $2/metre. I love the colour and pattern I sewed and the feel of the cotton on my body but...But...BUT...
    1. what I don't like is that my deodorant and the fabric dye interacted to make a new and hideous colour so if I'm going to wear the top I have to wear something over it so the discoloured armpits don't show.
    2. It does wrinkle just from looking at it and it doesn't recover
    3. It's difficult to iron without going out of shape – again no recovery
    4. It was difficult to stitch the hems – they went crazily wonky
    etc. etc. etc.
    Maybe good for pyjamas because of the softness – I do find the top soft and comfy but still too many problems and I'm sure there's something out there that would be as soft an comfortable to wear without giving the pang of regret and humiliation for having chosen something so unsuitable.
    Even FREE it would have been too costly in terms of time.
    Even as a muslin I found it not worth the effort because no other fabric behaves in the same way. So it was a waste of time, except to know NEVER to use that fabric again!

  2. I hope your outfit holds up because it's adorable! A perfect teaching outfit.

  3. I love the color and style. It looks so cute on you.

  4. Gorgeous colour, and I love the nod to Sixties Mod style. The trousers on the pattern remind me I want to make some more flares! xxx