Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wonder Woman Revealed!

This shot somehow makes me look a lot taller and thinner than I actually am. Any ideas how to get this effect without a camera?!

I think the Wonder Woman costume was a success. I did enjoy the gratifying phenomenon of having my friends look at me without recognizing me!

Next time, I would go for shorter cuffs with grommets. The elastic loops didn't hold up very well. Everything else performed great.

I appreciate all your cheering about the contest, but I was one of the judges and therefore ineligible. One winner was an adorable sewing friend who made herself into a letter (vintage slip with love phrases written on it) in an envelope (square tunic with airmail markings and address) worn over the slip. I hope to get a picture to share with you!

Would you believe it, I think I am going to have another opportunity to wear this costume tomorrow?


  1. That is just about the Best Costume Ever! The fact that you made it all yourself makes it even more of a Wonder. If you hadn't been a judge, you surely would have scooped up first prize, Virginia, although the letter/envelope costume does sound intriguing.
    A triumph of creativity, well done! xxx

  2. I think you should MAKE opportunities to wear this costume! It's fantastic! (and let us know if you figure out how to get that camera effect without a camera! ;-)

  3. Totally Fantastic Outfit. Worth the effort you put in. I will Pin it and help it get maximum exposure! I think you should have got a special award at the event, they do that at the oscars don't they?

  4. This is so much fun!!! A Wonder Woman for sure :)

  5. Are you selling this custom, I LOVE IT, I would love to buy it from you? Email me at to send me the price and info, please, I'd like to use it for this year's Halloween. :)