Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thrifty Guilty Pleasures

Yard sales: I have conflicted feelings about them. I love the thrill of a good find as much as the next person. And it is wonderful to get things we need from someone who no longer has a use for them rather than from a big box store. But it is still consumption, still buying and still stuffing our perhaps-already-overloaded storage spaces with yet more surplus.

There you go: conflicted.

My son loves yard sales, and they do make for some good entertainment. Yesterday, he came home with a large plastic pipe (for creating a bazooka), while I (the anti-consumer, you know) netted four pieces of fabric and a rolling cart.

The cart comes at a welcome moment. I've been eyeing rolling sewing machine cases. They look handy, well-designed for protecting the machine and very expensive! Not to mention quite glaringly unattractive. I had been turning over in my mind that there are many, many cases and carriers for all manner of baggage in our attic. How could it be that a solution didn't exist there already? I decided that the missing elements were a frame and wheels, in a configuration that could accept a sewing machine in a hard case. This American Tourister cart is sturdy, so I know it is up to the job. And only $2. Shown with the Capitol Deluxe rummage sale find of three weeks ago (ahem), and a divine piece of vintage wool plaid blanketing fabric from yesterday.

Probably the best fabric find was this Viyella. Only 36" wide, but nearly three yards, so enough for a blouse. Viyella is a wool and cotton blend of high quality.


  1. I find the same conflict so often.... I try to maintain the difference between need and want but I truly almost never NEED anything. I have started passing up sheets a the thrift shop, even if they're only a $1. I have plenty of sheets....

  2. Hi. Found you by way of Zigzaggers and see that you're also a PR member. Nice to meet you!

    I noticed your Capital Deluxe. I purchased a similar turquoise colored machine (with similar carrying case)from a garage sale last year, but mine is called "Modernage" Deluxe. Sure wish I had the manual!

    I also love thrifting and agree that it can be conflicting, so for everything "thrifty" that I buy, I try to get rid of something. Doesn't always work out that way, but I try. :)