Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vogue 9668, Take Two

Thank you so very much for your votes! In response to some gentle nudges at Pattern Review, I am posting a couple of additional photos. You were right, the previous photo didn't give enough information to really judge the length. If you vote today, please base your opinion on the photo from yesterday, to keep things consistent. So far, shorter is winning!

Above you can see the hem pinned one inch shorter than shown yesterday.

I also agree that these shoes look too clunky with the dress. They are my last remaining pair of Danskos, which I used to buy thinking they were a comfort shoe, but finally realized aren't even particularly comfortable for me.

But do you know what? The pictures don't lie, and I can't help but feel like the real problem is that this particular dress just doesn't flatter me. My fitting isn't great (especially the bust), and that could be worked on, but I am thinking it's maybe not worth it. The color is so blah, and the black piping just drags it down rather than perking it up. I don't wear cream or beige well. I thought the black would counter the cream enough, but I am just not feeling good about the result.

I had to narrow the sweetheart cutout by almost an inch on each side to enable me to wear a bra with straps (very much necessary), and that too detracts from the cuteness of the dress.

In a more cheerful vein, I must recognize the good photography work of my 10 year old son on today's photos. His pictures have so far worked out much better than either my mom's or husband's. I'm impressed!

So it sometimes goes in a sewing life...


  1. Your legs have a nice shape, so why not show them off if you're comfortable doing that? With this dress or another one:-)

  2. I definitely like the new pictures with one inch shorter (even though I voted 2 inches shorter yesterday:-) I think you'd like the dress more if you had some color in your accessories. A bold pin, a colorful, say fuschia, pasmnina, dangly earrings, a sandal kitten heel shoe would lighten it up tremendously. The black shoe and black trim seem a little matchy matchy, if you don't mind me saying. A pewter shoe and some bold Silpada like jewelry would give some shine which is what a simple dress needs to avoid being drab, IMHO.

  3. Hmmm... I think you look great in this dress!