Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coat Progress!

The coat is cut out. I have high hopes for this pattern: winter coat, spring rain jacket, long cutish jacket.

I love that it has a hood, and I hope I will actually love the hood itself. What could be more practical than a hood? Hats are worse for mussing the hair and not always there when you need them.

Here are some dumpy photos of the muslin/pattern sewn from the row cover fabric I described in the previous photo. Two disadvantages of this material I forgot to mention: first, it is difficult to mark. A Sharpie or similar pen will definitely do it, but it will also bleed through and mark what's underneath. I decided that I was okay with a few pen marks on the master pattern, but the resulting markings on the row cover are indistinct. You really have to look for them when cutting out the fashion fabric.

Second, like all poly products, the row cover is susceptible to static cling. This is rather helpful when cutting out the fashion fabric, since the pattern pieces stay put, but can be annoying at other times.

I wore this bulky sweater (Banana Republic via thrift store) underneath for size purposes, but its pattern makes it difficult to see the muslin. Live and learn.

My conclusions from the muslin exercise are: add back 1/2" to sleeve length, take a 1" swayback tuck, add 1/2" to side front and back seams at hip, add 1/4" to center back seam at hip (total 2 1/2" extra circumference at hip).

The plan is to baste the cut fashion fabric together to check fit before proceeding to final stitching.

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