Saturday, January 9, 2010

Singer Straight Leg Treadle Cabinet

I haven't much to say about this cabinet yet. The treadle turns wonderfully smoothly, though I know it must need at least a little cleaning and oiling.

I had thought that I might declare this my official treadle cabinet, given its very smooth operation and good looks. But now I'm not so sure. My "restored" White treadle base does make more noise than I like, but its width means that I can sit centered to the needle. Since I mean to really use my treadle setup a lot, once temperatures are again in a range to make the basement habitable, the ergonomics are important. But it's difficult to put the two treadles to a side-to-side sewing test without doing a lot of reconfiguring, belt shortening, hinge pin hole enlarging and so on.


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