Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Feature at

Will they never stop expanding their online fabric juggernaut of good service, free shipping, low pricing and fun features? Hope not.

Just discovered their Fall 2011 trend report; it's a compilation of current color trends, textures and patterns drawn from their vast website. I loved browsing this page, especially the Teal grouping. Of course I could have done a search on "teal" in the search box, but I didn't think of it. Thank you, internet-replacement-of-my-mind.

Though feature-laden and innovative, is often endearingly dorky. Just take a look at their blog for abundant evidence. The project selection and outcomes are all over the map! And I really like that. Sometimes the very high level of taste, technical execution and photography exhibited in the blogosphere can be daunting (for me at least). No fear of that at's very accessible.

Now that I have a sewing-related business, I recommend all the time to customers looking for upholstery and drapery fabric. They have turned me into a raving fan (and significant purchaser in my own right). This adoring testimonial kind of makes me feel uneasy (as in, do I really like them this much?), but there you have it.

Oh, to balance things out, some of their rayon knits--which have such cute prints I could die--are horrible and not worth sewing or stashing. But then again there is the return policy.

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