Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Fellowship Cloak

 There wasn't a great deal of right-up-to-the-last-minute Christmas sewing this year (though if there had been the pajama situation would be improved), but the important thing got made. That's five yards of Shetland wool fabric from Fabric Mart.

My first attempt, based on my own interpretation of how such a cloak ought to be made, was a failure. Off to the internet, which I should have consulted first. The wonderful instructions here did the trick and had me slapping my forehead at my ill-conceived original approach. The cloak is cut in a huge half-circle, with the front edges on the selvedge, and a circular hole cut out for the neck. The long pointy hood is constructed from four kite-shaped pieces.

During the sewing, I had to keep trying it on, as swirling about the room was so much fun. The amazing qualities of the bias are very much at work in this simple garment.

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