Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sewing Bloggers Unite at Lindy Focus!

How cute is Mary of Young, Broke and Fabulous? Yep, super cute is right. And her New Year's Eve dress? It's the Tia Dress from Sew Chic Patterns. Mary's red and black combination suits her bright coloring and her vintage, graphic style so well. I also love her garnet necklace (I have a similar one, given to me by my dad) and the way her stretch black belt sets off the black trim on the dress.

Mary got an impressive fit at the yoke and upper back of this dress. The shoulder darts are my (sewing nerd) favorite feature of the design.

Of course this dress wasn't her only self-made creation on view during the five long days of the swing dancing camp. Oh no. Since she was staying at the hotel, she changed clothes even more often than I did, so she probably showed off upwards of 15 outfits during the camp.

I also discovered that I have a lot of dresses. The camp could have gone on for weeks more without me running short of new dresses to wear every night. Even so, I didn't manage to get the dress I intended to wear on New Year's Eve done on time.

I was, and still am, making a second Simplicity 1882 (first version here) from emerald green crepe-back satin from Hancock Fabrics. By New Year's Eve, the dress lacked only the collar, sleeves and a hem. In my hard-won sewing wisdom, I decided that I didn't want to rush those elements, and that wearing my new Vogue 1573 lace dress would be just fine. And do you know, those silly sleeves have given and are still giving me trouble? I so want to move on to a more everyday garment, but I've just got to finish this dress while my serger is still threaded in green.

So even though it will be much too late for New Year's, my new dress ought to be just the thing for Mardi Gras (just need some purple and gold accessories) and/or St. Patrick's Day. Hope to be showing it to you soon!

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  1. Since I read both of your blogs, I was wondering if it was the same event and if you two would meet up. How fun! You both look happy and very pretty!