Monday, June 2, 2014

Fabulous Socks to Wear With Frocks!

Last week's set of blisters, caused by dancing sock-less and stocking-less in cute little Keds sneakers, was one set of blisters too many. I redoubled my efforts to find socks that were either:

  • Low cut and practically invisible and yet stay in place without binding. No twisting, bunching or slipping allowed!
  • Ankle length and cute but age-appropriate. With respect to Shirley Temple, I am 45 years old and I don't think I should be wearing her socks. So foldover Buster Brown-type ankle socks are out. In addition to the whole "mutton parading as lamb" concern, higher ankle socks make my short legs look even shorter.
I searched the web but didn't find what I was looking for, so I visited a neighborhood shop, Jus' Running, to check out specialty socks made for runners. They had just the thing(s).

In the "practically invisible" category, the salesperson directed me to the Balega Women's Hidden Comfort, which I ended up wearing all weekend long at a swing dancing workshop.

These socks are wonderful. They are very low cut but they stay put. Under my Keds, I could see about 3/8" of the sock above the top of the shoe. Unlike commonly-available socks (I have bought Hanes and No Nonsense from Walgreens, as well as SmartWool and Hue from Zappos), they do not cut into my ankle. They are very thin (I don't like padded socks) and very smooth. I experienced no rubbing and no blisters! My feet stayed dry through hours of dancing. Online reviewers say that the socks launder and wear well. Of course these cost about four times what one drugstore pair would cost (the Balegas are about $10 per pair), but the comfort makes them well worth that to me. If they are durable in the bargain, I will be completely satisfied. 

I wear a size 7 U.S. women's shoe and I found the Balega small to be a good size for me.

In the "visible but cute" category, I picked out a pair from the SockGuy. The display of SockGuy socks was something to see: this brand has a range of wild designs. My particular pair has an evil cat with crossbones. I don't even know why I chose this design, but I do think it is cute.

This sock is the 2" ankle sock. Checking on Amazon this morning, I see SockGuy also make a 1" height, which I would actually prefer.

These socks also receive rave reviews and so far they feel wonderful on my feet. They are definitely less minimal than the Balegas, but they do feel cool and smooth. Love all the fun themes and patterns!

No affiliation with Amazon or the brands; I was simply excited to find some comfortable socks for summer!

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  1. Glad to know you found what you were looking for, now you can dance to your heart's, and your feet's, content! xxx