Friday, June 6, 2014

Simplicity 2174 in Thrift Store Purple

Is there anything better than sewing with thrift store fabric? When it works out well, I mean?

I wouldn't have thought this shade of purple would be right for me, but for $5 for a three-yard piece, I was moved to open my mind.

After the fabric survived a pre-wash, I kept pushing forward at an ever-increasing pace. Since I had already fitted Simplicity 2174, I was able to zip merrily along with the bodice. After a couple of hours, it became clear that wearing the dress that very night was a real possibility. So I charged ahead, making a very mediocre job of my hem and armhole binding.

This time out, it's good enough! Next time I make this or a similar bodice, I am going to finally learn to line the bodice to the edge.

Moving the zipper from the center back seam to the side really improved the fit of the upper back neck. An invisible zipper in just the right shade of purple was waiting in my zipper stash! I ran the zipper right into the armhole so that the zipper pull would be less likely to rub and irritate the inside of my upper arm (which seems to have worked).

Instead of the six-gore skirt from the pattern, I used the bias-cut skirt from Vogue 1573 (now out of print). And I did not hang the skirt to let the bias relax before inserting the zipper or hemming. Thank you, polyester, for being somewhat forgiving of this lack of diligence!

I like it! There's a tiny bit of tightness at the front of the armhole. I'm wondering whether it simply needs to be cut in a little more or whether I need a bit more room in the side front panel? Your opinions are solicited and welcomed.

These pictures make clear that I need to rethink my undergarments, as there are a few visible lines. I promise I will get that worked out.

My sister-in-law gave me this amazing vintage glass brooch two Christmases ago. I hesitate to wear it for swing dancing, because it is large and heavy and I hate to think what would happen if it were to be knocked loose and hit the floor. I do use a few tricks to keep it in place (pin through the bra, use an elastic band to secure the clasp), but still I hate to risk it for dancing. I do adore it, and especially with this dress. Just right!


  1. It fits perfectly! Today I'm starting my first sewing project of pillow slip covers. I only hope to make my own clothing some day. Your blog is inspiration!

  2. Purple is a favorite of mine. Looks so nice and the brooch is lovely!

  3. Perfect, gorgeous colour! I do love a good thrift store find!! And lovely speedy work ;)

  4. The fit of that dress on you is excellent! And the color is beautiful.

  5. You look good in purple! I have had good luck with finding fabric at the thrift store lately too:)

  6. It's a beautiful shade of purple and really suits you. What a pretty and flattering dress, and I just love the huge brooch!
    I've made some trousers - I'm very excited!
    PS. Yes, still a little past/present wobbliness going on, as you so astutely observed, but I'm fine, thanks! xxx