Friday, July 13, 2012

Old Homeplace

My architect husband visited this old homeplace recently. He took these photos with his cell phone.

The house is perfection.

Living room with coffered ceiling, braided rugs, casement windows, comfortable chairs, old prints, a library table and, of course, a spinning wheel.

Dormitory bedroom for generations of boys.

Upstairs landing, with the obligatory Singer treadle sewing machine in an oak cabinet.

The last two shots may be my favorite spaces of all: the attic and the storage room.

Every time I look at the photos of this house, I feel the calming weight of long years. It's a whole world in green lawns, outdated bathrooms, beadboard and faded household possessions.


  1. What a beautiful place. I could move in there tonight and feel right at home. Course I'd want to put my Single tradle (inherited from my grandmother) there instead of the one shown. :) Just looking at the photos I can sense the love in the walls. I sure wish I could se the kitchen, though. :)

    1. Yvonne, it's strange that he didn't take any of the kitchen. Maybe it was so ratty he didn't think it would be helpful as inspiration. Our ideas of what we need in a kitchen have changed so much.

      You are so right about moving right in. I wouldn't change a thing.

  2. Such a feeling of warmth and comfort!