Monday, July 9, 2012

Simplicity 2247 Amazing Fit Dress

This dress struck me as simple to make, straightforward to fit and comfortable to wear. And it is all of those things, which is good.

It's also pretty boring. I made it last year and wore it a good many times. Today marks its first outing this year. I always think it needs something more. Sometimes I do wear it with a turquoise necklace and that helps.

2247 is one of Simplicity's multi-cup size patterns with separate pattern pieces for B, C and D cups. In the larger size range there are also pieces for DD cups. Normally Simplicity does a good job of making its patterns down to at least a size 8, but this one starts at 10. I made the 10 with the C front bodice pieces. I shortened the skirt pieces by 1" right below the waist. Those were all of my adjustments, best I can remember or tell by looking at the tissue.

I might like this dress better if I had been able to cut a size 8 in the neck and shoulder area, as I usually do.

The fabric is a Kaffe Fassett rayon challis print, bought from last year. Although I'm pretty over the print, it is an easy fabric to sew and it has held up very nicely through my not-so-gentle laundering practices.

I experimented with adding another recent make, the New Look 6559 bolero/shrug. I like the way it gives some extra shape and detail, but an extra layer of ponte knit isn't quite the thing for a warm summer afternoon.

This pattern goes down to a size 8, which was a nice fit in the shoulders and neck. On a subsequent version, I added some width to the center curved area, simply drawing a pleasing shape with a french curve. About as simple as a full bust adjustment comes!

Here is a shot of the one tricky thing about making a little jacket like this: how to finish the edge. Since this is a firm Sophia knit, I used pre-made bias tape, turned to the inside and topstitched. The pattern instructs you to serge or zigzag the edge and turn it to the inside and stitch, but perhaps we can all agree this is madness. Always looks ripply and terrible.


  1. I love that style and don't find it boring at all! The fit is superb, IMHO, and I love the print, the colorway....well, just everything aobut it. :)

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! Your comment makes me feel a bit more friendly toward it. Truly, it's as comfortable a dress as you could ever wish to wear. I appreciate you taking time to comment!

  2. I love a sleek straightforward shape that lends itself to a standout print and accessory opportunity! I don't mind your make dull at all, its lovely!

    1. Thanks so much, prttynpnk. Maybe I would like this better if it were actually plainer, as a backdrop for accessories. The color and the print seem to fight with most of my usual accessories, but that's not surprising since I don't wear a whole lot of blue. I really appreciate your feedback!

  3. Really like this!
    I've had a similar print blue dress, and found the finishing touch was a sheer white scarf (about 2' square) rolled, and tied around the neck, with one tail draping back over a shoulder.
    Kept it cool, and made it look finished.
    A statement necklace that echoes the V-neck and picks up the small bright colours would be perfect too!
    Seeing your dress has finalized my decision to get this pattern. =)

  4. I love the fit of the dress & I'd like to make it myself but I normally stick to patterns that say 'easy' on them. Is this one difficult for a beginner?

  5. I love the fit of the dress & I'd like to make it myself but I normally stick to patterns that say 'easy' on them. Is this one difficult for a beginner?

  6. The fit looks absolutely perfect. I don't think it's boring at all. I may make this now because of your photo. Lovely.