Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Chilly Spring Flower

Our gray and not-warm weather pattern has me stymied when it comes to dressing in a spring-like manner. This morning I couldn't help but pull down my box of winter woolens, which was waiting to be taken off to the attic for storage (a bad place for wool, but I've no other space for it) to find something cozy to wear today.

I've been "needing" a black flower pin/hair ornament, so I decided to make up a piece of black silk ribbon I've been saving for that purpose. I like it so well I'm tempted to pop over to Waechter's Silk Shop to buy some more colors. This ribbon is bias cut, so of course it is very amenable to manipulation. If I do make more, I'll take photos as I go to show how I put this one together. 

The actual warm parts of my outfit are the Ottobre 5/2009 knit wool dress, wool leggings from SmartWool, a purchased long sleeve black t-shirt and black short boots from (sadly) defunct Simple Shoes.

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