Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ottobre 5-2009 Knit Dress #9

I made this dress once before, but a photo of it hasn't survived. No worries--it was charcoal gray and thus not my best color. The fabric was an interesting and appealing woven boucle with a bit of mechanical stretch (purchased from Unfortunately, its loose weave soon came, well, unwoven at the waist seam! I mended it a few times and then accepted the inevitable.

It finally dawned on me what this dress really is: the Hanna Andersson Play Dress--for grownups!

Why should the pre-teen crowd get all the fun? However, it is probably a good idea to stick to serious solid colors if you are, like me, a lady of some mature years.

Worn over a tshirt, it's very cozy
The fabric is a polyester wool double knit from FabricMart this year. I wish I had gotten more, as I love the camel color and it was very cooperative to work with. I will be interested to see how it wears.

It goes without saying this dress has great potential as a maternity dress. Luckily I'm not hung up on that!
Oh no, the dreaded back view! Not the best side for this dress at all.
When wearing this dress, I intend to stick to my usual practice of never looking at the back view of myself. I took these photos in part to determine whether to make another version of this dress with some new knits that came in yesterday's mail. From the front and side, I am enthusiastic about the dress, though no one would ever call it slimming. From the back, I'm not so sure whether another version is in the cards or not. But it is so comfortable and versatile!

Makes a great "over pants" dress/tunic


  1. I LOVE the neckline. How did you do that. And I would say the back view is not too bad. Make another!

  2. This is so cute! I love the way you've styled it with the neckline of the shirt juuuuust peaking through. The back view is rarely the best view. I generally have to pretend that I don't have a back view. That said, I'm not even sure why you don't like yours! The fit looks good!

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