Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simple Yet Effective: Kwik Sew 3032 Skirt

Kwik Sew 3032 was used for these two skirts, but lots of other patterns share the same basic shape. New Look 6901 is another (and the one I've used in my sewing classes). The New Look flounce is a little bit fuller and flouncier. The Kwik Sew is more understated.

The basic features of this skirt are a straight upper section with a very slight flare, a circular flounce and an elastic waist with a casing. The wonderful Van Gogh Rayon Challis has just popped up on sold out from the fabric store where I work, Asheville's House of Fabrics. I wasn't sure how this print would work until a teen customer made a skirt just like this--only much, much shorter--in a skirt-making class. Obviously, she inspired me. This version went to one of my son's teachers, Katherine, who has amazing blue eyes and wears blue beautifully.

On the same day of making, I cranked out two of this white on black rayon swirl skirt: one for me and one for my son's other terrific teacher, Kelly. Not shown from the same day's production is a fourth skirt in two cotton prints.

You see what I'm getting at here: fast and easy. And not only that, but also comfortable, flattering and easy to fit. I had no fitting information on my son's teachers other than seeing them every day, and they are not the same size and shape. Even so, they immediately put their new skirts on and, according to my son, wore them the rest of the day. Folks I've had make this in sewing classes have all looked good in their finished skirts. It's a winner.

Other thoughts: for the two skirts shown, I used 1/2" double fold pre-made bias tape for the elastic casing, just to give a different look to the waistband. That was fine, but maybe not a huge difference over turning down a casing at the top edge. Also, rayon challis is a lovely fabric for these skirts. Then again, so are many different knits. I've made two in black slinky knit (one a store sample, one for my mom) and one in a cotton/lycra knit (also for my mom).

The hems on these are a rolled-edge serger hem. Fast, flowy and attractive.

Works for me.

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