Monday, March 29, 2010

A Very Fine New Tool

I present...the Tandy Round Hole Punch!

Attaching leather straps to leather bags is a bulky undertaking, and I've been inspecting bags and photos of bags to see how the industry gets such a nice finish. Answer: lots of ways. But rivets are one, so I invested in a hole punch, a set of Rapid Rivets, and a rivet setter. Believe me, every one of these elements is completely necessary. You also need a pounding surface (in my case, a block of scrap wood) and a mallet. A hammer would really be too rigid for this purpose; a rubber, plastic or (best of all) leather mallet is needed.

The size 2 (1/8") hole punch seems to be a perfect fit for the small size of Rapid Rivets. It was also terribly helpful for installing purse feet through a layer of leather and a bag bottom.

The finished article, a leather version of Amy Butler's Swing Bag, lined in Techno Taffeta by Vera Wang.