Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Sleeves Have It!

Since your extremely helpful feedback was unanimously in favor of giving sleeves a try, I shook off the lazy impulse to go sleeveless and I'm very happy that I did!

The suggestions to use a tiny little bias cap sleeve were good ones, and I nearly cut some of those to try as well.  But when I thought of using a little button in the pleated area of the sleeve, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

This sleeve is actually one of the options included with Simplicity 4171. I have made it twice before, so I knew it has a very cute shape as well as a good range of movement. What I also knew was that Simplicity's way of finishing the sleeve edge, a shaped facing, doesn't work very well. Despite following Simplicity's instructions to tack the facing to the sleeve allowances and the dart itself, my previous two dresses with this sleeve still give me a lot of trouble with the facing flipping out.

This time I made a full lining for the sleeve. Short sleeves should nearly always have a full lining. That's one lesson I've learned in this life.

Full length

Back view. The center of the skirt is askew (darn it), but at least you can see the matching at the center back of the bodice. Also, the plaid from the sleeves to the back happened to match amazingly well.

Showing off my matching at the side seams.

The waist is actually a little bit big (not my usual phenomenon), which you can see at the belt here. Do you think I should take it in?

Not yet hemmed, and I'm glad I took these pictures before embarking on that task. Obviously I need someone to help me mark this skirt before I hem it!

It twirls!

Thank you so very much for your input on the sleeves, and thank you for urging me to do the right thing! It really helped.

Next question: should I make a self belt and, if so, which direction should the plaid run? Or should I find a narrow black belt?


  1. That is beyond adorable! As for the belt, my vote is for the straight plaid--like the bodice of the dress.

  2. So so cute!!! Just the perfect sleeve. For me, I wouldn't do a plaid belt. I like the leather belt you are wearing.

  3. Oh, that's a darling dress! I love your sleeves.
    If you have fabric left over, why not try a belt, even if you choose to wear it with a leather belt sometimes. A fabric belt would be keeping in style of the garment. I would do straight plaid as not to shorten your upper body more.
    xxx jlui

  4. Originally I thought no sleeves but I love the sleeves. Very feminine, great shape.

  5. The dress looks so smart. I love the bias skirt and the feminine sleeve detail. I vote for the leather belt. I don't know if you could see the belt in the plaid, but you won't know unless you try it!

  6. What a wonderful dress! Love the twirly skirt. The sleeves are absolutely perfect. I vote for a plain belt. I like the one you're wearing, or perhaps something similar?

  7. What a wonderful dress! Love the twirly skirt. The sleeves are absolutely perfect. I vote for a plain belt. I like the one you're wearing, or perhaps something similar?

  8. This is so cute! It's a great little shirtwaist dress. The sleeves are perfect. They have such a nice shape. I like the dress with the leather belt, but I think a narrow black belt would look great too.

  9. The dress is so cute! I love the style - I have made a similar dress. And the button on the sleeve is a perfect addition.

  10. Great dress. Love the sleeves. :)

  11. I love this!!!! adorable! You have my vote for final Project Sewn!!!!

  12. I love this so much! I even like the fit. It looks great on you. And those sleeves! *sigh*

  13. Squeeeee! That is darling on you! Nice job.

  14. Gorgeous work! I voted for you over at Project Sewn.

  15. What a great dress! Love it!
    I just ordered the pattern :-)