Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

I was glad to discover this project. Art La Flamme is a U.S. soldier serving in Iraq. He and his unit are collecting bundles of fabric, notions and yarn to distribute to Iraqis. As Art explains on his blog, basic supplies of every sort are and have been in short supply in Iraq since long before the war. Every scrap is put to use. I wish I could honestly say that I so fully honor the raw materials that pass through my life. From this place of abundance, I admire and idealize the skills the Iraqis have developed through necessity and hardship.

Assembling our box helped my son to process and express some of his sadness about events in Iraq and Afghanistan. When he thinks about the situation there, it does not feel distant to him. He enjoyed picking out the needles and buttons for our box, and he urged me to keep the fabrics simple and plain.

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