Thursday, January 30, 2014

Polar Vortex Sweater + Costume Glasses

What does this arch look mean? Why, I need some more warm clothes, of course. I've gotten quite weary of my old standbys over the past few weeks of chill, and they no doubt of me.

But first...what do you think of the glasses? I love 'em, but they're a tease: not just fake, but too blurry to wear for longer than five minutes. My head starts to ache if I persist. Nonetheless, they have got me to thinking about finding some cute crazy frames, for no reason beyond accessorizing.

This is another Butterick 5203 (version one here), but with this version, I was also attempting to channel Vogue 1261, an Alice + Olivia design which recently went out of print:

Or maybe even something like an Eileen Fisher petite tunic:

This is an acrylic and wool boucle sweater knit from FabricMart (they still have a few yards of this blue and a couple of other colors). So far, I really like the depth of colors in the knit and the relatively non-scratchy feel of it. It remains to be seen how it will wear. Boucle knits are very prone to pilling and becoming fuzzy.


To the basic pattern I added a cowl neck, cuffs and one slanting pocket. I really only need one for my cell phone, and that seemed more "design-y" looking than a pair.

Center back seam with swayback adjustment: working pretty well! Next time I make this, I think I'll add a center front seam just as a design detail and to match the back.

Always the question: how will I finish the hem? This knit presses well, so I could have folded up a hem, but I decided to face it with an adorable Liberty of London bias tape that's been waiting patiently for a use.  Very cheerful and nice and flat!


  1. So cute -- and warm-looking! My favorite feature is that one little slant pocket:)

  2. You've inspired me! I love those glasses. Why not have some fun funky glasses to wear just for fun?!! Your top looks great.

  3. The glasses are fabulous, and what a great kick around winter tunic. I agree--the slant pocket is a fun addition.

  4. I decided to peruse FabricMart's offerings after reading this post, and as always found nothing for myself. But, I think this burnt orange sweater knit would look amazing on you:

  5. Gorgeous colour on you, love the asymmetrical hem, pocket and lining tape details.
    Oh and the glasses are wonderful! xxx

  6. These are so pretty glasses, the frame really suits you. And the sweater is very beautiful. Like its colour and texture.