Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome Home, Juki!

A couple of months back I was sewing along on my main sewing machine, a Juki F600 Exceed, when the machine made a faint clunk, snarled the thread, and sewed no more.

For a little while, I thought I might be able to figure out a repair myself. I've dabbled more than I ought in messing around with vintage and modern sewing machines and I have developed an inflated sense of my mechanical capabilities. Even armed with the service manual for the machine, however, I had no success in even diagnosing the problem. Down in the area of the hook, things looked and acted just plain wrong. I admitted to myself that this problem exceeded my fix-it skills.

But what to do? The nearest Juki dealer is an hour away, and I hadn't bought the machine from them, since they did not and still do not carry this model. Four years ago, I purchased the machine online from Sewing Machines Plus in California.

I had been aided and abetted in selecting this particular Juki by a lively and extensive discussion about the machine on Pattern Review. Luckily, I returned to the Sewing Machine discussion thread for ideas on how best to proceed. Member Nonette, who lives in Hawaii, suggested that I call Juki directly (through JUKI USA's website). She had also had an issue with her F600 about four years after purchase, and Juki allowed her to ship the machine directly to their technician, who had fixed it at no cost to her and had returned it to her good as new.

And that's just what I did, and just what happened with my machine! I would never have thought to go directly through the company so long after the purchase if not for Nonette's advice. If I had gotten the machine serviced locally by a non-authorized Juki dealer, the remaining warranty would have been voided and I'm sure it would have been at least $150.

The machine came back to me on Monday and is once again sewing like a dream. Even though I have a sizable stable of vintage machines, including a Pfaff 130 that is set up alongside the Juki in the sewing room and that I use regularly, I really feel a need for a modern electronic machine for many projects and tasks. I missed the Juki for sewing knits, for topstitching and edgestitching and for its excellent buttonhole capabilities. I kept sewing, but some of my projects didn't come out as well as they would have with the Juki on the job!

What was the problem? A broken hook drive cam, something I would never have been able to fix myself, since it required a replacement part. The bad news is that it broke--boo, plastic parts!--the good news is that Juki stood behind its product and made it like new again. All in all, I've enjoyed this machine quite a lot, and I'm very satisfied with Juki's service in this situation.


  1. Well, that's a story with a happy ending, I am pleased about that! It's refreshing to hear about some excellent customer service for a change. xxx

    1. I like how this company is using actual customer service as a strategy for expanding its US market. Juki is the world's largest sewing machine company, but it is known mostly for its industrial machines. The home sewing division isn't terribly slick at marketing and promotion, but they are making a good product and servicing it well.

  2. That's a great story of customer service. I like when companies stand by their products - It gives you faith in their products.

  3. That is great customer service! I'm glad you got your machine back ready to sew:)

  4. I'm glad I was able to help. I now have 5 Juki's and love them all. I had a problem with my coverstitch machine and I mailed the machine to their Juki tech and got it back working like new. Repairs were done at no cost.
    I am now saving up for an industrial sewing machine. I will only buy Juki. Their customer service is excellent.


  5. Nothing better than getting your baby home again :). I have never thought about looking at a Juki. I will now!

  6. That's great customer service. Glad you have your machine back. It's like losing a limb isn't it?

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  8. This old thread is still pertinent. Found it while trying to figure out what to do about the same issue with my JUKi HZLF400, purchased online in 2012. Called the company and guess what! They will still repair this manufacturer defect and cover shipping both ways, gratis. I had taken it to a local repair place to diagnose (not JUKi dealer, but fixes all types supposedly). They said broken "hook drive gear" and the part no longer available but would cost well over $400 if it was (implication, not worth it). I would have called Juki next anyhow, but wasn't holding out much hope until I saw your post. About 6 weeks turn-around. Cheers!

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